Our Mission

SXM Project was formed by concerned Terres Basses and Dutch Lowlands villa owners who wanted to offer assistance to financially distressed residents without means to rebuild and restore their homes and re-establish livelihoods.

There are three main areas of concentration:

  •  Phase I : RELIEF

Initially, the dire condition of the island created an immediate need for basic humanitarian supplies such as food, water and even diapers. Once acquired, there was a need for security to protect and distribute the supplies to the neediest individuals.  Learn more about our progress here >

  • Phase II : RESTORE

Replacing household items such as beds, appliances, kitchen tables, bed linens, towels, and even cookware and dishes can bring a semblance of normalcy and dignity to the financially distressed residents as they rebuild their homes and their lives.  Learn more about our progress here >


Supporting the island's rebound through a legacy project which will provide employment opportunities and a strengthening of the overall economic infrastructure. Learn more about our progress here >

“Hurricane Irma took out cell phone service, wi-fi, electricity, water, and trashed the island. The winds we got were nearly 200 mph. Looters emptied all the mini-markets, and food has to be flown in and distributed under military protection. Across the island large buildings were reduced to rubble. Recovery seems so far off.”

        RELIEF.            RESTORE.          RE-ESTABLISH.