Thank You for Your Support!

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It all starts when we Receive your support…

Thank you for your very generous donation to our Project via PayPal. Every dollar helps support our relief, restore and re-establish efforts for St. Martin.

The Project is very grateful for your support. Without your donation, our efforts could not be realized.

As of March 2018, we are currently in Phase II focusing on "Restore" which consists primarily of providing essential household appliances. 

You will receive an automated reply from PayPal to provide confirmation of your donation for tax records.

Please take a look at our website periodically to see our progression. Please don’t hesitate to pass our website along to your friends.

A goal of our project is to not have the needs of hurricane victims drop off the world’s focus. With your help we will not let that happen in St. Martin/Sint Maarten.

Thanks again!


Donny Dicharry, President                                                                     SXM Project