KEY TO MISSION SUCCESS: Friends & Supporters of SXM Project

St. Martin/Sint Maarten is embarking on a long journey towards recovery. SXM Project is committed to supporting the island's restoration and revitalization.  With the help of many tireless volunteers combined with generous donations and partnerships, the island will thrive.

Friends of SXM Project:



Jon Ferlise and his family have visited the island countless times. The friendships they’ve forged have made St. Martin their second home.

Jon’s sense of kinship and desire to “give back” went into full swing as he helplessly watched coverage of Hurricane Irma while it pummeled and devastated the island.  Jon created SXM Strong which has become the premier global website dedicated to supporting and sharing news and information about St. Martin.

SXM Strong is a nonstop endeavor that continues to grow in scope as it draws together various people from around the globe who want to do their part in the recovery efforts. A noteworthy example is the connection made between intrepid on-island photograph/blogger SXM Angie and the benevolent Drae Douglas who, along with his friends, are donating their services to repair the roofs of the elderly and needy residents who do not have the means to make the repairs themselves.  You can read about it at:    

Steve Ward LinkedIn Photo.jpg

Steve Ward - Volunteer 

SXM Project is fortunate to have the time and attention of Steve Ward who has proven to be a vital resource for our mission. His fondness for St. Martin and its residents was demonstrated when he single-handedly commissioned a shipment of more than 8 tons of necessary supplies during the most critical period of our efforts. Because of Steve, we were able to distribute tools, including power tools such as chainsaws and generators, as well as tarps and even work boots! We thank you Steve and we look forward to your continued guidance and assistance! 



SXM Project would like to thank Carimo Villa Rentals / Luxury Retreats and Sotheby’s International Realty. They played a major role in implementing Phase I of our program which was to distribute immediate humanitarian relief in the form of food, water, medicine and supplies. Thanks to their efforts, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we were able to reach over 500 needy residents comprising over 165 families on the island.


 RELIEF.            RESTORE.          RE-ESTABLISH.