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Helene Hunt

SXM Project Collaborator

President & Chair, K.C.S.M.I – R.D.N & ITEA-SRITS

Helene Hunt is considered to be among one of the most influential strategists of the social reform movement in modern St. Martin History. Behind the scenes, she helped organize, shape and transform the Island of St. Martin on behalf of the major political leaders of the 80’s and 90’s.  Mrs. Hunt continues to champion the movement for grassroots community by advocating and organizing social equality and justice for the constituents of the island territory.  Her undertakings have had a profound impact on the community and continues to inspire many to strive for a more Socially Responsible Community.

Mrs. Hunt is also a respected thought leader and visionary in the field of community and religious affairs. A frequent speaker and presenter at regional and international faith based, innovation, and socio-economic conferences. She was recently recognized by the “Minister of Social Cohesion, Youth, Sports and Community Engagement” for over 30 years of philanthropic service in the commonwealth of St. Martin.

 In addition to being a long-time advocate of innovation, Mrs. Hunt pushes the needle in the pursuit of a unique blend of intelligence, administrative expertise, and entrepreneurial drive to develop inventive and socially responsible solutions that address the complex socio-economic challenges of her community.

 As the President and Chair of ITEA – S.R.I.T.S. Foundation, she and the Foundation offer and enhance education, human services, civic engagement and community development.  The Foundation’s primary aim is to develop a culture of socially responsible practices, specifically I.T.  The ITEA – S.R.I.T.S. Foundation provides a forum where education, research and development are fueled to ignite out of the box thinking – which is meant to spark and develop future leaders of our nation and world.

 Mrs. Hunt is collaborating with the SXM Project on Phase III: Re-Establish.   Our combined efforts seek to build an amphitheater and fund a campus that will be self-sustainable and engage in hurricane preparedness and relief for generations to come.  The amphitheater will help to re-establish tourism and jobs.  Mrs. Hunt been delegated to help us lead the effort to develop the campus to provide educational, cultural and social programs on the Island.

Helene’s Team:

Teresa M.jpg

Teresa M. O’Connell, D.I.R.M.A

CIMO, ITEA-SRITS & ITEA Group President, ITEA Group

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Martin S. O’Connell

Executive assistant and financial administrator, R.D.N

Administrative Officer - Trainer, Department of Educational Affairs, ITEA-SRITS